Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs DOT

    $62.16 – $82.88

    Marc Jacobs Dot is a vibrant and lively fragrance designed for women. With notes of red berries, jasmine, and vanilla, it creates a playful and energetic scent. Dot is known...

    Daisy Love

    $89.79 – $113.27

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is a sweet and romantic fragrance designed for women. With notes of cloudberries, daisy tree petals, and cashmere musk, it creates a warm and floral scent....

    Daisy Dream

    $82.88 – $127.09

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is a light and ethereal fragrance designed for women. With notes of blackberry, pear, and jasmine, it creates a delicate and airy scent. Daisy Dream is...

    Daisy Eau So Fresh

    $89.79 – $131.23

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is a lively and fruity floral fragrance designed for women. With notes of raspberry, grapefruit, and wild rose, it offers a vibrant and playful...


    $82.88 – $117.42

    Marc Jacobs Daisy is a fresh and youthful fragrance designed for women. With a blend of floral and fruity notes, including violet, jasmine, and strawberry, it creates a light and...

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